1. How can I make an order?

After registering on the website of the Museum’s Online Bookshop, you can add publications you want to buy to your shopping cart. Choose the way of shipment and do the payment, and we send the purchased publications to the given address.


2. What does the total payment include?

The total payment includes the worth of purchased publications and the chosen delivery option.


3. How can I pay for the purchased publications?

While placing an order, please choose the way of payment: manual transfer, collect on delivery or electronic payment. In the case of orders realized abroad, you can pay only by online Card payment.


4. How can I receive publications?

While placing an order, please choose one of the given ways of shipment. 


5. How long will I wait for the parcel?

We try our best to complete the order as soon as possible, with the maximum time of 5 working days after entering of the payment. You should, however, add the shipment time depending on the chosen option.  


6. What discount can I get?

Every single purchase is allowed a 10% discount on orders over PLN 100. The distributors of publishing houses, who buy publications for further resale, receive a 10% discount on a purchase price and a 20% discount on single orders over PLN 500. Another discount on particular assortment and for specific time can be offered occasionally in the Museum’s Online Bookshop. We invite you to follow our website for upcoming discounts.


7. I’ve changed my mind and don’t want to keep the parcel. Can I return it?

It is possible to withdraw from a sales agreement provided that you send the purchased itemsalong with your receipt or invoice as well as with a written declaration of withdrawal from a sales agreement (ksiegarnia.majdanek.eu) to the Museum within fourteen (14) days after delivery.


8. I have a faulty publication/item. Can I return it?

It is possible to make a complaint about the purchased books. Please send it in along with faulty publications and a proof of purchase to the Museum’s address. A complaint is examined within fourteen (14) days from receiving it, and should include a description of a faulty item(s) in comparison to a sales agreement. It also should include an expected way of a repair. Delivery costs of a faulty publications are incurred by the Museum and are returned back to the purchaser within fourteen (14) days from the acceptance of a complaint. In the case of a justified complaint, publications are replaced for other free from defects ones. If the replacement is not possible, we provide a full refund.


9. Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order regardless of the reason by contacting us through an e-mail: kiosk@majdanek.eu. Cancelling the order is not possible after sending publications to the purchaser.


9. Where can I buy Museum’s publications in person?

The publications of the State Museum at Majdanek can be purchased in person at the seat of the Museum in Lublin, ul. Droga Męczenników Majdanka 67, as well as in branches of the Museum in Bełżec, ul. Ofiar Obozu 4, and Sobibór, Stacja Kolejowa Sobibór 1.


10. Are there online publications available?

Yes, you can find them here