Majdanek. 15 I–17 V 43 r. Diary


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The first English-language version of memoirs written in the concentration camp at Majdanek.

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Author: Jadwiga Ankiewicz
Pages: 200
Issue year: 2021
Language: English
Translation: Witold Wojtaszko
ISBN 9788362816774
Publisher: Państwowe Muzeum na Majdanku
Binding: softcover
Width (mm): 144
Height (mm): 217
Weigth (g): 400

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The Diary of the sixteen-year-old Jadwiga Ankiewicz is the only original prisoner account written entirely inside the German Nazi concentration camp. During the several months of her detention at Majdanek, the author wrote down her observations and thoughts in a smuggled notebook. She took great risk in her doing since having any paper or a pencil in the camp was strictly forbidden and severely punished.
The book includes a reprint of the original diary and a transcript of Jadwiga’s account. A comprehensive historical overview describes the biography of the author as well as the fate of her family. An editorial note, on the other hand, describes the development process for this edition of the diary written by Jadwiga Ankiewicz.
The translated editions of the Diary written by Jadwiga Ankiewicz were prepared thanks to the subsidy of the Ministry of  Culture and National Heritage granted within the NIEPODLEGŁA 2017-2022 programme.