Dziennik Maryli. Życie i śmierć w getcie warszawskim


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Unique testimony describing the life behind the walls of the Warsaw ghetto. Upon the uprising outbreak, the author hides in an underground bunker.

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Author: Redakcja naukowa Dariusz Libionka
Pages: 360
Issue year: 2023
Language: polski
ISBN 978-83-8295-369-5
Publisher: Prószyński i S-ka
Binding: twarda
Width (mm): 135
Height (mm): 207
Weigth (g): 600

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“We are closely listening to the noises of combat as fear paralyses our minds. We cease to be humans and turn into bundles of nerves that are about to go insane” as noted by Maryla, a young Jewish woman who wrote down those words inside a secret shelter just a few days after the outbreak of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

Her Diary is a unique Holocaust testimony. The author writes from the perspective of both a witness and a victim of Shoah, describing the horrors of lives and deaths of the women, children, and men locked in the ghetto. She also reports on the uprising that was brutally suppressed by the German forces. Up to this day we still do not know how and when the author perished. The Diary was kept from the spring of 1942 and ends abruptly on 27 April 1943. Maryla’s writings were discovered on the Majdanek grounds shortly after the end of World War II.


It is a record of emotions and thoughts of a thorough and sensitive observer, who faced crimes and inevitable doom, and completely understood its horrors.

Tomasz Kranz PhD, Director of the State Museum at Majdanek


A very unique text. Written inside the ghetto and later smuggled into the camp despite grave risk. Hidden and miraculously discovered.

Prof. Dariusz Libionka, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology at the Polish Academy of Sciences